"Jenny provided a positive environment for us to discuss our concerns regarding our daughter's behaviors. Her feedback and advice was simple and very helpful. Jenny took our family's needs seriously and was flexible, allowing us to utilize her services. My husband and I were comfortable in the physical office space and with Jenny. This comfort let us open up and be honest about our situation and set realistic and achievable goals for our family."  - Laura, Parent, White Bear Lake, MN

"Jenny helped us tremendously in finding solutions and causes for some of our son's negative behaviors. We were given practical and easy to implement suggestions that we were able to use right away. Within a month we have noted dramatic differences in our son's behavior. He has had less meltdowns, and is able to calm himself much more quickly when one does occur. We are very thankful to have Jenny as a resource in our community."  - Katie, Parent, Stillwater, MN

"Jenny has helped our family for several years now. Every time my husband and I talk with her we feel better, more confident and end our conversation with more specific things we can do when parenting our two daughter ages 9 and 6. Additionally, Jenny has been helping our older daughter with anxiety and building confidence. We have noticed our daughter being better able to deal with stressful situations and being able to talk with us more openly since talking with Jenny. Thank you!" - Sarah, Parent, Hopkins, MN

"Jenny met with my husband and me to help bring our family back to the basics! We were getting stretched in many different ways and have kids with different needs. She was extremely helpful sitting with us and then our family helping our kids understand that our family is a team and we all need to work together! It's made a huge difference!" - Laura, Parent, Stillwater, MN

"My husband and I have met with Jenny several times now, and we always walk away with useful, practical insights and tips about child behavior. Jenny helps us re-focus and gives us the tools we need to raise and support our family. Essentially, she helps us be better parents so that we can grow and develop alongside our kids." - Katie, Parent, Stillwater, MN

"My family has worked with Jenny for about the last 2 years and we continue to come back for guidance. She has helped us with new approaches with the changing seasons of our growing children." - Katie, Parent, Roseville, MN

"Jenny has helped us so much! She took time to learn our story, hear our concerns, and then guide us in shaping the direction we want our family life to take." - Jill, Parent, Woodbury, MN

"My new husband and I recently used Jenny Hanlon to help us blend our families. Our children were quite upset about the changes, but Jenny was able to help them see that they could get through it. Jenny took the time to meet with my husband and me separately and then together with the children. Jenny's warm approach managed to break through the kid's resistance in a creative, playful manner. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist myself, but I needed guidance with this. Jenny was perfect." - AJ, Parent, MN

"Jenny is knowledgeable and has the skills to teach in a personal session or large group discussion.  Her workshops deliver techniques that can be applied right away.  Her advice has helped our family handle sibling rivalry and everyday struggles. If there is a conflict I refer to one of Jenny's many tools and it always works. Jenny is an invaluable resource to our family. She has given us insight into child behavior and has shown us correct ways to channel the kid's energy. Jenny empowers both children and their parents to thrive in meaningful and productive ways. She is compassionate and enthusiastic in her work. I highly recommend Jenny to anyone considering her services." ~ Alicia, Parent, Stillwater, MN 

"Jenny is so talented at communicating her point without judgment while also offering support. She has honestly changed our lives and our children's lives. Her services are invaluable to us." ~ Grace, Parent, Stillwater, MN 

"My husband and I were both so impressed with Jenny. She made us feel so comfortable and not judged. She was also great at providing important information and insight without making us feel like failures as parents."  ~ Deb, Parent, Mpls.

"My husband and I agree that meeting with Jenny was the best use of our TIME and finances." ~ Sarah, Parent, Mpls. 

“I believe Jenny Hanlon’s consulting provides quality education for parents. Jenny listened very carefully to us, and provided certain tools to improve as parents and certain confirmations to help our confidence as parents. I would recommend Jenny to anyone wanting to build a healthy relationship with their children.”  ~ Mitch, Parent, Stillwater  

"Jenny's class was very insightful, and each week I learned a lot about my children and myself. The techniques I learned have helped me parent more effectively and I've seen positive changes in my children as a result. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who's looking for ways to help their children become more independent and cooperative."  - Tonia, Eagan, MN

"Jenny's class allowed me to reflect upon my parenting choices. As a result of these reflections, I've become a more patient and confident parent. Subsequently, I've noticed my children are more thoughtful and confident. I'd encourage parents to consider taking Jenny's class as a 'check-in' to make sure they are heading in a positive direction for all members of the family." - Lynn, Woodbury, MN

"Jenny helped us recognize the power of empowerment.  Her class provided us with simple, concrete tools that kick-started our family's journey toward more cooperation and less resistance." - Amy & Jason, Shoreview, MN