I'm non-judgmental, experienced and have an excellent understanding of child psychology and the reasons behind children's challenging behaviors.


I know how challenging parenting can be. I've been there. As a mom of two preteens, I'm still there! 

I can help you understand and navigate your child's challenging behaviors along with many other struggles that come with parenthood. 

I can meet with you in your home, in my office in Oakdale, MN or via Skype, Google Hangouts or phone. 

I look forward to working with you!

One-On-One Parenting Help

 Photo Credit: LeAnne Schmidt, 2012

Photo Credit: LeAnne Schmidt, 2012

In Your Family Compass, I provide real tools for dealing with the challenges that come with raising children toddler-aged through the early teen years. 

I offer simple, well-organized and easy to follow strategies for giving children healthy responsibility and ownership of their day-to-day lives eventually leading to a more enjoyable and peaceful family life.

Your Family Compass


Online & In-Person

 Photo Credit: Christy Wolgamot, 2009

Photo Credit: Christy Wolgamot, 2009

Although I do offer some in-person classes, I know how busy you are as you're trying to balance the many aspects of life: work, parenting, exercise, household maintenance, etc. 

I started offering online classes in the fall of 2014. Now you can get the information you're seeking when the timing is right for you which provides you with more time to enjoy your family. I look forward to getting to know you virtually! 

Online Classes