Do you want to feel closer to God and your family?
Do you want to be ready to handle challenges as a family that will naturally come your way?
Do you want to feel more confident in your parenting decisions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you won't want to miss out!

Life is busy, which can cause you to lose track of where you’re going as a family. A compass helps you find your way and during the Family Compass Retreat you’ll have the opportunity to chart the course you want for your family while connecting on a deeper level with all family members.

Beyond God, the relationships you have within your family are the most important relationships you’ll ever have. Your family should be the place you know you’re understood and loved unconditionally. This takes time to develop. As you navigate this you gain a greater sense of what you want to be working towards as a family and how you want your lives to look and feel like together.

Come join us for an afternoon to chart the course you want for your family!

There will be some whole family activities along with some activities where parents and children will be separated. Child-care will be available for those birth to pre-k, but you’re welcome to have your younger children with you for some of the activities if you feel they’re appropriate.

The retreat was co-written by Jenny Hanlon, M.Ed. and Kelly Herbster, MA.Ed.

If you're interested in having Jenny or Kelly come lead this retreat at your church or organization, please contact Jenny at

"A very good team-building retreat for any family." - Marie D., Vermillion, SD
"Today's retreat was a great opportunity for us to gather as a family to set goals, connect with each other and find new ways to keep our family connections strong, supportive and loving!" - The Higman's, Vermillion, SD
"It was fun to work together as a family unit to discuss what we want to work on. Everyone had an opportunity to participate and add things they want to see different. The activities allowed for easy conversation for everyone (regardless of age). The time flew by and we all enjoyed the afternoon." - Jessica P., Vermillion, SD