Your Family Compass: A Parenting Guide for the Journey

Written by Jenny Hanlon, MEd, Foreword by Marti Erickson, PhD, Published in 2012

In Your Family Compass, I provide real tools for dealing with the challenges that come with raising children toddler-aged through the early teen years. 

I offer simple, well-organized and easy to follow strategies for giving children healthy responsibility and ownership of their day-to-day lives eventually leading to a more enjoyable and peaceful family life.

Your Family Compass is a great compliment to one-on-one parenting sessions and my online classes, but can be stand alone as well. 

Some of the topics covered in the book include: 

  • Family goals
  • Temperament
  • Ten reasons for challenging behaviors and what to do when you encounter these
  • Stages of Control
  • Resource list of what children are capable of in the areas of self-care, family responsibilities and gratitude based on child's developmental level

A compass helps you find your way, and Your Family Compass offers a guide to chart the course you want for your family. We all need tools as parents, and the workbook pages and case studies shared provide what families need to regroup and set a healthy direction.

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