"Outstanding presentation!! Jenny is a very personable and confident speaker. Attending the class on children and technology was an eye-opening experience. I left the workshop feeling more equipped to deal with the power struggles I face with my children on a daily basis, resulting from various forms of media. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone that spends time with children!" ~ Laura, Parent, Stillwater, MN

"Jenny's class, Families in a Tech-Filled World, was very eye-opening! It was great to see someone being proactive on how we can manage our technologies with our children and, just as importantly, our own gadget's as parents. Jenny embraces certain technology, but gives a great perspective on how we can limit these technologies as families. It's just great to see somebody being PROACTIVE with this epidemic." - Chris P., Stillwater, MN

"Jenny's class on Families in a Tech-Filled World was filled with many eye-opening facts and down-to-earth solutions to help us navigate the ever-growing world of technology with our families. I would recommend attending if you have any concerns about the use of technology within your family." - Stephanie C., Lino Lakes, MN

"I found Jenny's Tech class to be extremely interesting and useful! Technology can be an overwhelming topic but Jenny approached it in a practical way that was easy to understand and had tools that were immediately applicable to every day life. I love the perspective Jenny brings to everything she does. She's not only an expert in her field, but a mother herself, which gives her a deeper understanding and appreciation for what her clients are experiencing!" - Emily L., Hudson, WI