In October 2016, I completed two new certifications beyond the Early Childhood and Family Education Licenses I already hold. I am now a certified Professional Coach and certified Youth, Parent & Family Coach through the World Coach Institute.  

These certifications have provided me with more of a methodology when working with youth, parents and families to help them best meet their goals and needs. 

The reality is, often times we have the answers within us and we simply need the guidance and support from a coach to help us find these answers. I can be that coach for you when it comes to your parenting and family needs. I absolutely love watching parents grow in their confidence trusting themselves and learning what's going to be most beneficial to their children. Watching the parent-child relationship improve and families connect is the highlight of my work.  

I'm very excited to be able to offer more coaching sessions for youth as well. I love working with children of all ages, but am always in awe of all that kids are capable of when they're feeling empowered and capable. I love the process of helping kids find this within themselves and their families. 

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