Owl's Search for Happiness

The following story was written by a group of six girls between the ages of 10 and 13. It was written popcorn style where each girl took a turn to add to the story. 

There was a owl who was sitting on a tree. He looked very sad then he ate a cupcake that had a cherry on top. He had hoped the cupcake would make him feel better but it didn't. He decided to fly around searching for happiness. 

Suddenly he came upon Squirrel, "Owl, what are you doing?"

"I'm searching for happiness." replied Owl. 

"Happiness isn't out here. You need to find it within you." responded Squirrel.

"How should I do that?" asked Owl with his feathered face expressions.

"Search into the depths of your heart." Squirrel said simply and then leapt off into the trees.

"But how shall I do that?" Owl asked, still deeply puzzled. 

Owl didn't get any response, so he flew off into the breaking dawn. While he was flying he thought about what Squirrel said, "Happiness isn't out there, you have to find it within you." 

Owl hopped onto a branch looking out into the woods. "The depths of my heart..." he muttered angrily. "Finding happiness seems like too much work. I'll stay sad." Owl decided happily. "Wait...now I'm happy." Owl smiled and looked into the thick green forest, finding joy at last. But he didn't really feel like giving up was true happiness. 

Suddenly he heard a cry in the distance. "Hush!" he yelled, "I'm trying to sleep." It came again and again. He hopped out of bed and marched over to where the sound was coming from. Squirrel was hanging upside down from his tail on a tree! "Oh dear, Mr. Owl! Please come help me down!" he said. Owl rolled his eyes, but helped him down. "I'm sure glad you helped me!" he said with a wink.

And Owl was! "Happiness! Happiness at last!" he thought. Then he went back to his tree to do a happy dance.