70 Reasons Why We LOVE You!

We celebrated my mom's 70th birthday the other day. Less than a week before the celebration I saw that a friend had given her mom a list of 70 reasons why her family loved her. I thought this was a brilliant idea, so the grandkids set to work creating their list. It was far too easy to come up with 70 things and we actually had to leave some things off. I decided to share this, because the list is such a beautiful reminder that most of the time it's the little things we do for one another that matter the most. 

70 Reasons Why We LOVE You! 

1.   You are a fantastic baker.

2.   You give the best hugs.

3.   You’re always in a good mood.

4.   You’re very helpful.

5.   You’re a great teacher.

6.   You always have something to snack on.

7.   You are great at telling stories.

8.   Your laugh makes everyone smile.

9.   You always know what to cook.

10.  You know how to make us happy.

11.  You’re always willing to share your house/yard with the family, no questions asked.

12.  Your undeniable love for Disney.

13.  How much you enjoy keeping the grandkids involved with SCS.

14.  That you always took the time for catch-up conversations in your office with me.

15. How much you loved Captain and how much you love Stella (for the most part).

16. Your incredible work ethic.

17.  How much you love Grandpa regardless of his goofy quirks ;).

18.  The unconditional support you offer every single member of this family.

19.  That I feel I can talk about anything and everything with you.

20.  That you and grandpa represent the most sincere kind of love and have given our entire family an example of a bond that is worth everything.

21.  You were the only one who didn't make fun of me when the PT cruiser broke down.

22.  You’re always positive no matter the situation.

23.  Your doors are always open.

24.  You always find a way to help us out.

25. Your house is always a break from stress.

26. You find joy in making us happy.

27.  You’re young at heart.

28.  You keep our families close.

29.  You’re the #1 supporter for all the kids.

30.  Your Mac n cheese.

31.  You’re always up for monorail adventures.

32.  Your awesome pool.

33.  Your homegrown fruits and vegetables.

34.  Your presents that you don’t need to give us.

35. Your collections of stuffed animals that all of the grandchildren gave you (I gave you Pluto).

36. You use the least amount of data on the phone plan.

37.  Your yogurt that you always have for me when I come.

38.  The love that you give to all of us!

39.  Your banana bread.

40.  Your porcupine balls.

41.  You’re always happy to see me.

42.  You raised four amazing kids.

43.  You’re the reason I have a love for cooking. 

44.  You let me eat the food out of your garden.

45. You put up with my crazy tantrums/ moods. 

46. You talk boys with me.

47.  You put up with the fact that I talk crazy like grandpa.

48.  You spoil me like a GREAT grandma should.

49.  You stitch up my clothes. 

50. You started my addiction to channel 31 (food network).

51. You’re the coolest short person I know.

52. You ride the fast roller coasters with me when no one else will.

53. You always put fresh sheets on the line.

54. You taught me how to sew.

55. Your enthusiasm for grandkids.

56. Your love of Disney. 

57. Your unconditional love for all of us.

58. Your medical advice by " Dr. Donna".

59. Your counseling sessions over the phone.

60. Your willingness to do anything to help.

61. You always encourage everyone to do THEIR best.

62. You are always opening your house to our family.

63. You make efforts to spend time with grandkids.

64. Your ability to manage big meals for 22+ people in a pinch!

65. How you value family time. 

66. You make the most of whatever time you get with us. 

67. You always make visits to grandma’s house special. 

68. You give great advice.

69. You put together an AWESOME Disney trip. 

70.  You are the world’s BEST grandma!!!