Poem from my Dad

I shared this poem from my dad on my older blog, so it may look familiar to some of you. It seems fitting, however, that I would share it again today on Father's Day. I hope through your own parenting journey you're able to find the time to share your feelings with your children. Verbally is of course very important, but also sharing through the written word can have such a powerful impact. This poem my dad wrote will always be a treasure to me. We are all seeking to not only be loved, but to be KNOWN. Clearly, my dad knows me well...


February 12, 1998

Dear Jenny,

You see beyond today for answers.

You hear laughter with your humor.

You see action from your ideas.

You smile for others’ joy.

You hug to share good feelings.

You wait for friends to grow.

You find good with little steps.

You love giving for surprise returns.

You have brothers to guide your safety.

You have a sister for knowing advice.

You have Mom when needs are real.

You have Dad through life.

You find success with smiles.

You find love always.

You find peace surrounding.

You find happiness within.

Love, Dad