Small with a Big Personality

The past few summers I've offered a summer writing class for children in late elementary school and middle school. Instead of offering this formally this summer I've been informally gathering a small group of my daughter's friends to do some writing lessons and activities. I love watching the wheels turn as children come up with ideas on what to write and where to take their stories next. The last time I gathered with the girls we were working on character descriptions. They were to write a description of someone they know well. I wanted to share the sweet description my goddaughter wrote about her younger brother. 

AJ is a 7 year old boy with bright, long, messy hair, a small nose and pale blue eyes. He is small with a big personality. He enjoys dancing to loud music, attempting to grab people's attention. It works. AJ does not enjoy being told what to do or what not to do. He is stubborn and slightly disobedient. This can result in him being annoying. When he does not get enough sleep he is extremely cranky. AJ has a catchy smile and is GREAT at making people laugh. When he's not asked to he is often very helpful with chores. - GW, 11 years old 

How special it is to see and hear this child's perception of her younger brother!