Thirteenth Birthday Poem

For my son's 13th birthday we asked 13 men to write letters to him providing him with life advice. These letters are a treasure that are now all held in a book that floats around our house read at various times by all. 

As I was paging through the book the other day I was awed again by the poem by dad wrote for my son. It's too good not to share. The photo above shows my dad getting "help" from three of his grandsons with his yard work. Lucky boys!

Yes, 13 trips around the sun your journey today;

Mom and Dad steer a great course;

Maya joined and added fun and love;

Family surrounds you supporting your choices;

Friends jump on and off;

B-Dog the best;

Ries cuddles;

Each circle the same time;

Each circle new places;

Each circle learning;

Awards add up; 

Tears collect;

Smiles roll; 

Family grows;

Travel to explorer;

Teachers in classrooms, on the field, on the ice, on the go with family;

Unknowns gather around;

Fear is near;

Roller coasters for the screams;

Tea cups for the hell of it;

Your own fast pass around the sun;

Sleeping, eating, cooking, serving, running, caring;

Kissing, hugging, wanting;

Family grows;

Expert kid;

New teen;

Adults can wait;

Successes ahead;

Goof again;

Smiles win;

Prayer guides;

Love overwhelms;

Steer your course now;

GPCM shares, enjoy your trips around the sun.